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    Thankyou for visiting Mugga.Net, our family site!

    There are three of us in my immediate family, myself, Michael, my lovely wife, Nancy and my talented daughter, Desiree. Here are a few brief paragraphs about us. To know more, you'll just have to come visit us ;-)

    Michael is currently employed as a computer Systems Administrator for Walt Disney World. He has been employed with Disney for over seven years. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, SCUBA diving, roller blading and geeking out more on computers :-)

    Nancy is a dedicated home maker who enjoys riding her bicycle, surfing the Net, watching Stargate SG-1 and roller blades with the family when forced to :-)

    Desiree is a very energetic young lady who enjoys swimming, roller blading, playing hard and loves to draw! She's the coolest kid on the block and even has her own web site: http://www.djfrog.com/

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    The above photo was taken
    in Loreto Mexico during my
    dive trip in March of 2001.

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