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    Thankyou for visiting Mugga.Net, our family site!

    There's lots going on in the family right now! Check out the "Newsletter" page for more info.

    This site is dedicated to my family and will hopefully be a place we can all look to keep track of each other and what we're all currently doing.

    Since I'm the computer geek of the family, I've taken it upon myself to setup and host this site in hopes that I can inspire better family communication through technology :-)

    If you have anything you would like posted on the site, just send me an e-mail or give me a ring and I will be happy to add it.

    Hopefully, family members will take it upon themselves to keep me informed of happenings they are aware of, thus providing more web content for the family site.

    As the site progresses, I hope it to become a repository everyone can look to for current information and photos of
"the rest of the family".
(I think everyone has a digital camera now...)

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    The above photo was taken
    in Loreto Mexico during my
    dive trip in March of 2001.

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