2000/07/15(Sat) No.1 - Black Wall

Diver : Michael Clay Buddy : Group
Weather : Sunny
Temp. : 90 Fahrenheit
Weight : 10 Lbs
Tank Capacity : 80 Cu.Ft.
Rest Time : 00:00:00
Entry Time : 09:51:42
Surf. Time : 10:37:38
Dive Time : 00:46:00
Start Air Pres. : 2900 PSI
End Air Pres. : 1000 PSI
Air Consum. : 1900 PSI
Ave.Depth : 52 ft
Max.Depth : 94 ft
Clarity : 75 ft
Ave.Water : 82 Fahrenheit
Min.Water : 82 Fahrenheit
Rating : * * * * *
Dive Number : 31
Total Time : 20:00

This was a dive charter with Paradise Scuba Center in Lajas (La Parguera), Puerto Rico. The only piece of equipment I brought with me to Puerto Rico was my mask and snorkel. The two-dive boat trip cost me $70 and they charged me another $10 to rent the rest of the equipment. When I hooked up my stuff, I realized that the computer they rented me was a top of the line Oceanic, air integrated unit, the BC was a nice Mares and the regulator was a Ruby Titanium! ($800 reg, not too shabby).

We dropped down to the floor @ 60ft and headed over to the wall. On the way, Kiko pointed out a huge (~6ft) morray eel tucked in under some coral. We dropped down the wall to about 90ft then cruised along it around 85 to 95ft. Along the way we saw lots of beautiful coral and plant life and tons of colorful tropical fish, not to mention a king crab hiding in a cove next to another morray eel. This was the first dive I've ever done without a wet suit. I felt literally naked! The water was a temperate 82 even at 95ft. I didn't get cold once. From the bottom @ 60ft, you could see the surface and the boat clear as day. My first tropical dive and it was cool!!