2001/03/21(Wed) No.2 - Piedras Blancas

Diver : Michael Clay Buddy : Carl Wutkee
Weather : Part Cloudy
Temp. : 72 Fahrenheit
Weight : 24 Lbs
Tank Capacity : 80 Cu.Ft.
Rest Time : 00:39:00
Entry Time : 10:35:13
Surf. Time : 12:07:37
Dive Time : 01:32:25
Start Air Pres. : 2700 PSI
End Air Pres. : 250 PSI
Air Consum. : 2450 PSI
Ave.Depth : 26 ft
Max.Depth : 54 ft
Clarity : 25 ft
Ave.Water : 64 Fahrenheit
Min.Water : 63 Fahrenheit
Rating : * * * *
Dive Number : 52
Total Time : 38:52

Rafael led us around a reef along the tip of the island. Wasn't much new to see. We saw a lobster. Rafael caught a trigger fish and I checked out its trigger. Bob lasted an hour on this one. Rafael came back in to see if we had enough air. I had 750 psi so Carl and I stayed under and played. We chased around more puffer fish. We found two long sticky tubes. I think we may have broken up their mating. Saw some pretty sea slugs. Found a little cave and got up close and saw lots of fish swimming back and forth in it. Noticed you could see through it so I had Carl get on the other side so we could see each other. We lasted over 90 min on this dive. New record!! Not bad for a 54 ft dive. Afterwards we found some high rocks and they pulled the boat up to them and let me do some cliff diving.