2001/03/22(Thu) No.3 - Islote de la Yaca

Diver : Michael Clay Buddy : Carl Wutkee
Weather : Sunny
Temp. : 75 Fahrenheit
Weight : 24 Lbs
Tank Capacity : 80 Cu.Ft.
Rest Time : 01:07:00
Entry Time : 14:08:28
Surf. Time : 15:18:07
Dive Time : 01:09:10
Start Air Pres. : 2800 PSI
End Air Pres. : 1000 PSI
Air Consum. : 1800 PSI
Ave.Depth : 26 ft
Max.Depth : 47 ft
Clarity : 30 ft
Ave.Water : 62 Fahrenheit
Min.Water : 62 Fahrenheit
Rating : * * * *
Dive Number : 55
Total Time : 42:26

Our last dive in Loreto :-( We had lunch on the shore of the island. Afterwards we walked in for our dive. While swimming, I saw a zebra morray and called everyone back to see it. It was cool! It moved more like a snake. Saw another field of scorpion fish. Played with more puffer fish. I wanted more caves so when I saw a whole through some rocks I pointed it out to Rafael. He swam to the other side and checked it out then told me to go through it. I just barely fit, scraping my belly and my tank, pulling myself through. Rafael almost lost his tank. Carl swam over quickly and secured it. By the time I got there to help, Carl was just finishing. Saw more bullseye stingrays and rock fish. After Rafael and Bob surfaced Carl and I pretended to play "Go Fish" on a rock like a table. There was a current on the surface making it very difficult to get back in the boat.