2002/09/06(Fri) No.1 - Blue Spring

Diver : Michael Clay Buddy : Bob Harrington
Weather : Sunny
Temp. : 89 Fahrenheit
Weight : 18 Lbs
Tank Capacity : 80 Cu.Ft.
Rest Time : 00:00:00
Entry Time : 12:51:25
Surf. Time : 13:26:13
Dive Time : 00:34:50
Start Air Pres. : 2900 PSI
End Air Pres. : 1500 PSI
Air Consum. : 1400 PSI
Ave.Depth : 46 ft
Max.Depth : 68 ft
Clarity : 60 ft
Ave.Water : 72 Fahrenheit
Min.Water : 72 Fahrenheit
Rating : * * *
Dive Number : 64
Total Time : 49:09

You swim down into the mouth of the spring. At about 60ft there's a sign wanring you not to continue unless you are cave certified. I little beyond that, it gets dark quick. You're not allowed to bring a flashlight unless you show them your cave certification. I got as far as 68ft. I could still see the sruface clear as day.

Bob and I seemed to communicat well. Both got bored at about the same time. We'll have to do it again in a couple more weeks...

Clear, clean water. Not much to look at, rock wall, a little sand, a fallen tree with moss on it. We got bored after about 30min but at least we got wet. It's been a while and it was great! I think my favorite part was the relaxing float downstream to the parking lot. I really need more relaxation in my life :-)