06/08/2003(Sun) No.2 - Weeki Wachee[Florida]

Diver : Michael Clay
Dive Master :
Buddy :
D.Service :
Weather : Cloudy
Temp. : 90 Fahrenheit
Ave.w.temp : 73 Fahrenheit
Min.w.temp : 73 Fahrenheit
Diving Suit : 3mm Shorty
Inner Wear : Bathing Suit
Weight : 18 Lbs
Tank Material : Aluminum
Equipment :
S.I.Time : 00:22:00
Time In : 16:55:55
Time Out : 17:06:01
Dive Time : 00:10:10
Ave.Depth : 13 ft
Max.Depth : 18 ft
Safety Stop.Depth : ft
Safety Stop.Time : min
Tank Capacity : 80 Cu/Ft
Pres. In : 2000 PSI
Pres. Out. : 1700 PSI
Air Consum. : 22.8 PSI
Visibility H. : 60 ft
Visibility V. : 60 ft
Access1 : Shore
Access2 : Spring
Rating : ***
Dive Number : 77
Total Time : 57:25

This was just messing-around time, waiting for the class to finish. A couple of things happened, not sure if they were on this dive or the previous dive so I'll add them here. Sherry ran into a pipe and bumped her mask lose. She panic'd and swam (too) quickly to the surface. I watched it and noticed that she also had snagged an underwater air hose and taken it up with her. I swam up to make sure that everything was ok. She was fine, just panic'd.

I also saw Larry, the instructor, swimming down toward the outlet of the spring. I followed him to a little tunnel with spring water rushing through. I watched as he pulled himself through. He got hung up a little as the water pushed him against the top but worked free before I could get to him to lend a hand. I followed through cautiously and made it without problems. That was cool!

The surface time in the graph was because we were getting ready to exit when Sherry lost a diamond ear ring. We all descended to look for it but it was hopeless :-(