06/03/2006(Sat) No.1 - Ginnie Springs[Florida]

Diver : Michael Clay
Dive Master :
Buddy : Billy Fowler, Joe Tegg
D.Service :
Weather : Rainy
Temp. : 90 Fahrenheit
Ave.w.temp : 70 Fahrenheit
Min.w.temp : 70 Fahrenheit
Diving Suit : Dry Suit
Inner Wear : Polartec
Weight : 0 Lbs
Tank Material : Steel
Equipment : Camera
S.I.Time : 14:00:00
Time In : 11:42:30
Time Out : 13:05:20
Dive Time : 01:22:50
Ave.Depth : 57 ft
Max.Depth : 95 ft
Safety Stop.Depth : 20 ft
Safety Stop.Time : 12 min
Tank Capacity : 278 Cu/Ft
Pres. In : 3400 PSI
Pres. Out. : 2200 PSI
Air Consum. : .68 CuFt/Min
Visibility H. : 60 ft
Visibility V. : 60 ft
Access1 : Shore
Access2 : Spring
Rating : *****
Dive Number : 185
Total Time : 156:10

I really enjoyed this dive! We made our goal of heading up the Bone Room line to the main line jump. Billy hit thirds about 20ft from the jump and turned. We told him to keep going. He turned back and saw the jump. We circled the Maple Leaf with our lights to show him where we were. On the way out we took our time and played a lot with the camera and strobe. We poked our heads into a lot of nooks and crannys. Joe looked into a hole for a while then decided to head in. Billy and I waited for him (Billy was going to take a picture of him coming out). After about 5 minutes we decided that he wasn't coming back (it was probably a bipass to another part of the cave) so we headed on down. Took some pictures on "Park Bench" the cruised out. We goofed off and took some more pictures during deco. Joe and I flipped onto our backs at the base of Devil's Eye to check out the scene. It was raining and there were a couple boats on the surface. It was interesting seeing the rain hit the surface from 20ft down.