11/2/2007(Fri) No.1 - Paradise Springs[Florida]

Diver : Michael Clay
Dive Master :
Buddy : Todd Clay
D.Service :
Weather : Sunny
Temp. : 76 Fahrenheit
Ave.w.temp : 74 Fahrenheit
Min.w.temp : 74 Fahrenheit
Diving Suit : Dry Suit
Inner Wear : Polartec
Weight : 0 Lbs
Tank Material : Steel 85's
Equipment : Cave Gear
S.I.Time : 00:00:00
Time In : 13:06:49
Time Out : 13:51:09
Dive Time : 00:35:40
Ave.Depth : 53 ft
Max.Depth : 96 ft
Safety Stop.Depth : ft
Safety Stop.Time : min
Tank Capacity : 170 Cu/Ft
Pres. In : 2400 PSI
Pres. Out. : 1600 PSI
Air Consum. : 9.14 Lbs/Min
Visibility H. : 80 ft
Visibility V. : 80 ft
Access1 : Shore
Access2 : Spring
Rating : ***
Dive Number : 283
Total Time : 234:46

This was a cool dive. First time I went with Todd since our PR trip. He was a little apprehensive and ended up getting sick under water. We made it to the bottom and checked out the cave entrance. I climbed into the side-mount crack, waved at him and came back out. We went through the big swim-through on the opposite side. I wasn't sure if he would want to but he seemed OK with it. I went through and circled back to him. He went through just fine. Todd motioned that he wanted to exit. I acknowledged it and started slowly ascending, pointing things out along the way. He motioned again that he wanted to exit. This time I figured that something was up. I wanted to point out the fossilized sand dollars but he really seemed to want out so we made a slow, safe ascent. Once we got out, he told me that he was sick and was dry heaving. He said that it was good since now he at least feels safe getting sick under water. He said he enjoyed the dive. I felt bad that he couldn't enjoy it more but I guess there's always next time. :-)