11/08/2008(Sat) No.2 - West Palm[Florida]

Diver : Michael Clay
Dive Master :
Buddy : Class
D.Service : Little Deeper
Weather : Sunny
Temp. : 81 Fahrenheit
Ave.w.temp : 78 Fahrenheit
Min.w.temp : 78 Fahrenheit
Diving Suit : 3/6mm Long
Inner Wear : Rash Guard
Weight : 12 Lbs
Tank Material : Steel 100
Equipment :
S.I.Time : 01:09:00
Time In : 10:28:20
Time Out : 11:03:46
Dive Time : 00:35:30
Ave.Depth : 48 ft
Max.Depth : 60 ft
Safety Stop.Depth : 15 ft
Safety Stop.Time : 3 min
Tank Capacity : 100 Cu/Ft
Pres. In : 3400 PSI
Pres. Out. : 2100 PSI
Air Consum. : 16.71 PSI
Visibility H. : 60 ft
Visibility V. : 60 ft
Access1 : Boat
Access2 : Ocean
Rating : ****
Dive Number : 315
Total Time : 265:13
Dive Type : OW Class

The boat crew wanted to keep us out of the water for about 1 hour between dives, as is customary. I asked if it would be OK to play in the water while "parked". The captain gave us the "go ahead" and I promptly through myself into the water. My class soon followed suit and before you knew it, half the boat was in the water frolicking around. :-P

This was an awesome dive! Still had some ear clearing problems but everyone stuck together and maintained very good buoyancy. As with the first dive, we continuted to see lots of pretty fish. As we were startng our ascent, I saw a large sting ray and pointed it out to the class, we were returning to our ascent when Desiree spotted a large sea turtle under a log and scared it out. Eric was low on air, so I tried to keep everyone together in our ascent. We made our safety stop and stayed until Eric hit 200PSI. At that point, we all ascended and waited for the boat.

Everyone had a real good time and were very excited about SCUBA. I look forward to doing future dives with this crew.