05/08/2012(Tue) - 1 DiveNo.426 - Paradise Springs[Florida, USA]

Diver : Michael Clay
Dive Master :
Buddy : Heather Schmuki
D.Service : Geekdiver
Weather : Sunny
Temp. : 85 Fahrenheit
Ave.w.temp : 72 Fahrenheit
Min.w.temp : 70 Fahrenheit
Diving Suit : DUI Dry Suit
Inner Wear : T100
Weight : 14 Lbs
Tank Material : Steel 100
Equipment : Camera
S.I.Time :
Time In : 09:43:00
Time Out : 10:38:00
Dive Time : 00:55:00
Ave. Depth : 55 ft
Max. Depth : 107 ft
Safety Stop.Depth : 20 ft
Safety Stop.Time : 10 min
Tank Capacity : 100 Cu/Ft
Pres. In : 3500 PSI
Pres. Out. : 2000 PSI
Air Consum. : 10.9 Cu/Ft/Min
Visibility H. : 100 ft
Visibility V. : 100 ft
Water Cond. : Smooth
Access : Shore
Water Body : Spring
Tank Gas : NiTrox 32% Rating : ***
Dive Number : 426
Total Time : 349:09
Dive Type : Fun Dive

Dang it!!! I forgot my watch again! I guess I'll just have to log this dive manually...

This was a "fun" dive. Heather kept pinging me every time she was in town to go diving, but I was always busy. This time, I made the time. We had a real good time! We had the spring to ourselves. No one else showed up until we were leaving. Heather brought a friend, Hillary, and I brought my wife, Nancy. They hung out and napped and read while Heather and I were in the water.

Heather didn't really remember Paradise. Our dive plan was to drop to the bottom and work our way back to the top, stopping to see all of the cool sites the cavern has to offer. We did just that!

At the bottom, I ran a spool and showed Heather the mouth of the cave. I showed her how easy it is to stir up silt. I pointed out some small stalactites to her. We did the swim-through above the cave entrance and checked out the angel statues above it, then went over to the other side of the lower room to hit the other swim-through.

From there, we went and checked out the side-mount crack and the mask and Coyote statue near it. I kept looking around on the ground for an albino crayfish, but didn't see any. I had Heather cup her light to see the cavern entrance. It looks real cool from the bottom! Plus, it's good experience to learn how to find the exit if your lights fail.

At this point, we had seen everything at depth and had been deep for a while, so I signaled to Heather that we should start working our way up. I scaled the wall toward the sand dollars. Heather stayed on the floor. I signaled her to come up where I was. I could tell that she wasn't comfortable. I signaled her to ask if she was okay and she responded in the affirmative, then worked her way up to where I was and looked at the big sand dollar.

From there, I went up higher, almost straight to the mastadon bone. I signaled again to Heather to come to me. She still didn't look comfortable but made it up. I pointed out the bone in the wall then signaled that we were going to work our way toward the exit.

We got back around the platform. I pointed out the other angel statue, then we went to the dinosaur statue. I showed Heather the upper spring entrance and how you could feel the difference in water temperature. I showed Heather the prehistoric whale bone and the white sand dollar above it.

We went over to the platform and hung out for a few more minutes. Heather found a giant centipede and started playing with it (with a stick). It broke apart and all the little fish started eating it's insides.

Throughout the dive we took quite a few pictures. I think several of them turned out pretty good. I'll post them here.